The farmyard at Sivle shows that people have been living and farming here for many hundreds of years. The first farmer described in the genealogical book lived at Sivle from 1563. Several findings during soil preparation show that there was a settlement here from the early to late iron age. Through the ages there has been a versatile agricultural activity with animal husbandry and arable farming.

Currently we run the farm organically, growing various vegetables, potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. In addition we harvest what nature can provide in terms of berries, mushrooms and greenery. We also have sheep, and a fjording (Norwegian pony) which takes part in the running of the farm and is used for packhorse trips. Sivle Gard has large and excellent uncultivated resources, which are important for sheep farming. The mountain farm belonging to Sivle Gard is located in Berdalen, where the sheep have access to mountain pastures all through the summer. We process meat from lamb and game and serve it in meals at Sivle.

In Gamlastovo (the old farm house) from the 1500s we receive guests. Just entering into these rooms does something to people; they are taken back in time and we treat the visitors to slow experiences. The idea behind this is to give the visitor the time to feel, taste, see, hear and use all the senses. We have room for 30 persons in Gamlastovo.

Kårastova (where the old people lived) has been restored and is now rented by both Norwegian and foreign visitors, and they are impressed by the fantastic place and not least the view. Visitors cater for themselves, but may also book dinner for an evening in Gamlastovo. There are 7-9 beds in Kårastova, and the house is well equipped with a dishwasher and washing machine.

Bualoftet, which dates back to the end of the 1600s, has now been completely restored. Here we have placed the old beds in an attempt to show what it was like in the old days. We will use these rooms as meeting rooms, for intimate concerts, lyrical evenings and much more; it is also possible to stay overnight upstairs. In the barn we can arrange large parties, serving 120 persons. The barn has been used for theatre, concerts, dancing, family reunions, mystery tours, school tuition and much more.

The mountain farm in Berdalen can be used for overnight stays when we spend several days in the mountains with a packhorse or on normal hikes.. The mountain farm can be rented to anyone wanting it. Sivle Gard is an excellent starting point for some wonderful walks in the nearby area and in the mountains. Your hostess can take you for short or long trips according to your wishes. Sivle Gard is an excellent starting point for trips, to the Nærøy Fjord, Sogn, Voss, Bergen and onwards to the Hardanger fjord.