Sivle Gard
Randi Engelsen Eide
5713 Vossestrand

Tel. 56 52 00 63 / Mobile 95 78 32 74
Email: randi@sivlegard.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sivlegard

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How to get to Sivle?

By car you take E16 from east or west. You leave the E16 at Stalheim and follow the signs for Stalheim Hotel, drive past the hotel and follow the signs to Brekke, Sivle and Nåli. Day trippers taking the journey to Sivle or Nåli should park their cars at Stalheim Hotel (in the parking space closest to the road to Brekke), and walk from there.

The road to Sivle is steep, and there are no parking spaces, spaces in the farm are reserved for our own vehicles. If you are staying overnight at Sivle, you are allowed to drive to Sivle and of course to park here.

If you arrive by train to Voss, you can take the bus to Stalheim and walk to Sivle. If you arrive by boat to Gudvangen, you can take the bus to Stalheim and walk to Sivle. Otherwise you are able to walk from the surrounding valleys of Vossestrand as well as Vikafjellet, and arrive at Sivle.

As your hosts we would like YOU to experience the wonderful peace and quiet that exists at Sivle; this is why we prefer that you walk to Sivle.

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