At Sivle Gard you may celebrate:

  • Christening/name party
  • Confirmation
  • Wedding
  • Birthday, or other family get-together
  • The company of friends
  • The end of the summer with work colleagues

We are happy to tailor different arrangements to the wishes of our guests.

Here are some examples:

  • Mystery tours for companies, friends
  • Food service in Gamlastovo and Aorestova.
  • Concerts, lyrical evenings
  • Dance classes
  • Dancing in the barn
  • Guided tours of the farm
  • Participation in farm work of various kinds, such as feeding the animals, hanging up hay to dry, using a scythe to cut grass etc.


  • Trip to Naolè, cultural walks combined with food service.
  • Trips to Brekkedalen, Vikafjell mountain, Jordalen and other walks in the surrounding areas with or without a horse.
  • Packhorse trips

Trip to the mountain farm in Berdalen including overnight stay