If you stay at Sivle, you are located at the centre of some wonderful experiences; we might mention:


The Nærøyfjord, which together with the Geirangerfjord represents Western Norwegian Fjord Landscape, is the wildest and most beautiful side fjord to the worlds longest fjord, and was included in Unesco’s World Heritage List in 2005.

The Nærøyfjord is unique, with 25 large and small waterfalls that throw themselves over the mountainsides and steep mountains surround the fjord: altogether an impressive experience of nature.

You can experience the fjord and the World Heritage at close range, by walking along the fjord or enjoying a quiet trip in a kayak, or enjoy the fjord from a ferry, tourist boat or a rigid inflatable boat (RIB).

Mountain walks

Here you can find mountain walks for all ages and degrees of difficulty. You can take a summit walk, you may wander along the beautiful Kings road (Postal road) and you can go for wonderful mountain walks in the surrounding area.

  • Of the summit walks/ski trips we can mention:
  • Bakkanosi, both summer and wintertime
  • Fyresnipa, both summer and wintertime
  • Jordalsnuten, only during the summertime

You may take a walk or ski to several of the summits in Jordalen according to season: check with people with local knowledge.

  • Jordalen, Brekkedalen, Brandsetdalen, Oppheimsdalen, Myrkdalen, Vikafjellet, Fresvikhalvøya are all excellent areas for walks or skiing in the surrounding area, both summer and winter.
  • Short walks in summer:  Naole, Stalheimskleiva, Sivlesteinen, Stalhheimsfossen, Brekkedalen – with many mountain farms like Storestølen, Botn, Kinnarbakken and more.

Alpine skiing

  • Oppheim lift, 1 ski lift, 2 runs. 15 minutes from Sivle
  • Myrkdalen mountain lifts with 9 ski lifts, 22 runs, 25 minutes from Sivle
  • Voss Resort, Bavallen, with 10 ski lifts, 21 runs, 35 minutes from Sivle

Other activities

  • Stalheim hotel – Private Museum, Receives groups of minimum 10 – must be ordered in advance
  • Njord – kayaking on the Nærøyfjord – Flåm
  • “Norway in a Nutshell” round trip, bus, boat, train – always check for availability during high season
  • Voss Climbing Park
  • Voss Rafting Centre
  • Voss Wind Tunnel

Places to visit while staying at Sivle: Undredal, Flåm, Aurland, Lærdal, Vik, Voss, Bergen, Hardanger, Sogn  – if you need more information check: visitvoss.no  – sognefjord.nohardangerfjord.comvisitbergen.comsakte.nonaroyfjorden.no